Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fresh Focus Photography

My mom has vocalized some frustration on me not updating my blog much anymore. I figure now that I live in Utah everyone see's my kids enough. I have also been working on getting a photography website up. This is something I have been interested in for a few years, but haven't ever pursued. Well, two months ago I decided to take the plunge with my good friend who is also into photography. She even has her own professional printing lab in her house. Her printer is the biggest printer I have ever seen! It is the size of a tanning bed and it does the most beautiful canvas prints (the part I was most excited about). We have had the opportunity to do lots of pictures for people which is surprising on account that just like us, every other Utah Mormon mom thinks she's a photographer too. I do feel sorry for all the seasoned pro's that really did graduate with a degree, but this is just too fun not to do! And for the record we have both had hours and hours of training with "real pros", so they have earned their money too! Please check out our website www.freshfocusphotog.com. Please contact US for all of your photo taking needs. Let US help you capture the sexy person that you are (that is not our slogan).


Mindy said...

Who's the babe in the scarf on your new photography website? I'm sure photagraphy comes easier when you have beautiful models to take pictures of.

Jennifer B said...

Congrats. The pics are great!

kimbo said...

Way to go! Maybe one day I will join all the other Mormon Moms and be a "real" photographer. :) For now, I still need practice. You were smart to spend that time with a professional photographer. BTW, what lens and camera are you using these days?