Monday, April 13, 2009

The Pictures Say It All

A HUGE thank you to grandma Polly for the ADORABLE Easter outfits. I don't think she knows how nice it is for us to have our kids be the best dressed at church, and not to have to worry about it. What a huge pain for her though. Thank you grandma Marcia for a delicious dinner, fun egg hunt, and not to forget those cute casual outfits!


Pettin'Tales said...

Your kids look great! The outfits are fabulous! I just found a scrap of paper that has yours and Nicks name and TGI Fridays written on it, Thursday 9pm. I'll have to ask Jim about that when he get's home. He's flying. I hope we didn't screw something up.
I'm glad you've reconsidered the blogging world. It is hard to keep up though. Give the babies a kiss!

Jennifer B said...

Yeah!! I am glad we get to see what is up with you.

PS - I just gave you a shout out on my blog. You put something on here about it. =)

Momma Polly said...

The kids are so darn cute!! Happy Birthday Michelle. It sounded like you had a fun week.

Mike and Brooke said...

I love the picture where Easton is still dressed in a sweater vest and Miyah looks like a member of the mafia searching for eggs in a track suit. You guys are the best!