Friday, January 23, 2009

Better Late then Never

Hmmmm haven't posted in awhile. Now that I'm in Utah, blogging is not something I think about near as often. My family doesn't ask for more posts either because they can now see my kids whenever they want. I never posted any New Years pics. We had a good time. We had some friends and fam to our house for New Years this year. First time having friends at OUR house on New Years ever. We gave out kiss awards at the end of the night. They were as follows.

1-Now thats how babies are made award.
2-What the hell are you two doing award
3-Halitosis award
4-Is that REALLY how you kiss award
5-Scruffy beard award.....Ladies.
Click on Josh and Amanda's picture, so see their award better.


Mindy said...

We had fun. Thanks for not saying which award we won. And I haven't gotten to see those little cute babies of yours in awhile, so I would appreciate some pics, I miss them!

mutze handknit by ashley said...

Nick told us about the awards. I need to do the how to make a baby kiss. That is so funny. We are coming through on the 15th of Feb. We can't wait to see you and the babes. Ash

Heidi said...

Oh - my - GOSH - Josh is looking JUST like Uncle Tony! - I guess TJ? haa ha - I love to see the pictures of family - and no my resolution wasn't to stay away from blogging -- I just have two words - SIX KIDS!!!!

I have pictures to blog about - but just not time!!! Now that coby is more mobile - and laundry is prevailing - you know - mom stuff!

Pettin'Tales said...

Bout time you posted! :) Which one did you guys win?