Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas (Sin City) Welcome Zion!

This has been a really hard move. It definitely felt like we were leaving home. It was not hard to leave Arizona, in fact we were pretty happy about it, but Vegas was a different story. We have met so many great friends who will be friends forever. Our ward was phenominal and helped us so much through our trials with our preemie twins. Vegas was just plain FUN! There was always a party going on, and always somewhere to go at three in the morning (that came to an end after the twins were born). The food was fabulous, I bet we tried 200 different restaurants, and went to 20 shows on the strip-all X rated. I know this is may sound hard to believe, but I never saw a snake, mouse, mosquito, or bug in Vegas. Our house had the internal bug piping that was turned on quarterly, and it worked! Nothing in my house ever, or even around it!
Now for things I don't miss about Vegas. Security cars lights flashing in the windows all night while trying to sleep. Neighbors being robbed anyway-yes, even with the security guy, what a waste of funds. Teenagers getting their freak nasty on in the hot tub, then taking a shiz in the swimming pool. Our gated community, that we could never get in. Our clicker didn't work, and when we keyed in our house, some oriental lady would always answer the phone. Paying babysitters $10 an hour, just to get them to come back again. 110 degree summers-all day, and all night. $80 haircuts, that weren't anything special. High car insurance. Auto thefts and break ins-this happened to Nick after we had lived in Vegas for a month.
Our fabulous friends the Gunson's threw us a going away party. Our closest friends all came. Matt and Megan even drove from St. George-what a surprise!!!!!


B Beach said...

Unfortunately, good babysitters are almost $10 an hour here too.

Jennifer B said...

We miss you guys already. So how is everything? Things have been crazy with Marshall's birthday. Hope everything is going well. Give me a call when you get a minute. =)

PS- Michelle has a cute pic from the party on her blog.

kimbo said...

No, you were missing the Scribers at your party. :) You were probably paying your babysitters too much there, but now I have to pay $12 an hour here! And everyone in the ward is competing for about three or four babysitters... only one of them being good. Anyway, enough about me. I hope you're enjoying "Zion." Thanks for inviting me to your private blog.

pamo said...

well, i hope you have an awesome ward here too. it makes all the difference.