Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why I went.....fine...... I'll say it.......

"Private"It all started two nights ago when I listened to an hour long radio discussion on "the blogging world". Now, if you want the readers digest version, here it is................................ I couldn't sleep that night I was so in thought about what I had heard.

Now, if you want the long version, here it is.

1.Basically I learned a few things. Once something is put on the internet, it is there forever, whether erased or not by still can be found.

2. People are loosing their jobs over what someone else has found just on their blog. Take for instance famous blogger Heather Armstrong at Dooce.Com. She was "dooced" from her job, over what was written on her blog. Neither she or her husband has to work because her blog makes so much money, but lets be honest, thats not going to happen to me. I get excited if I get more then three comments on my blog......ya, I'm not real "famous".

3.People are judgmental and rude, and if they don't like something they read in your blog, they may judge you because they don't know you, and when you are just being funny. This happened to me over a year ago, when I posted this. All of you who are reading this blog know that this picture is not really of picture of me, but someone else didn't, told someone else how disgusted they were by this and disappointed they were. Hey, not to mention, if you want to get into the nitty gritty details-look I'm not wearing garments either heheheheehe.

4. Along the same lines, I have offended many people by things I've said on my blog, not even thinking about how someone else may take what I've said. That is what I hate about writing. You can't hear the expression in someone's voice, so things can be taken totally wrong.

5. We have been googled by people from Nick's employer and they have been directed right to this sight. Do you think they saw this picture?

6. A family member of mine was called out by their employer due to something they had put on their blog FOREVER ago. Yes, someone looked back THAT far, and called them out on it. From what I hear, it was a very uncomfortable conversation.

7. Last and LEAST of a worry to me, I guess some perv could be on here totally falling in love with me or my children, and plotting a kidnapping on one of us, or looking to steal our identity, but Im really not to worried about this one though!

This blog may one day be de-crotchified, but for now its crotch.


Anonymous said...

All very valid reasons. Thanks for inviting me to still see your blog! I would be lost without you whitty posts! :)

Jennifer B said...

Did I mention I love you? I needed a good laugh & this post filled that need. =) Though I gotta tell you the pic of the guy goes in the funny but gross category.

Erin said...

I laughed so hard at this post. I am the very same way about things not coming across right on blogs or e-mails for that matter. I'm sure I have offened my share by what I think is funny. It sucks to feel you have to "sensor" yourself on what is your blog! I hope you will keep posting these funny things because I sure love reading your blog!

pamo said...

love this post.

Jenny o said...

So funny! I totally agree with the people forming opinions about you and the offending people. I think your posts are fabulous!!! And the pregnant belly was pretty funny!