Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well I don't have any new pics, or great stories to tell, but two of my friends tagged me, so I guess I have no reason not to do it. I think I can tie both the tags into one.

1.I always flush the toilet ANYWHERE with my foot, yes even at home right after I have cleaned the toilet. Just a habit. . I also NEVER leave a toilet seat up, and I don't understand why no one else's mom taught them to always shut the toilet seat.

2.I hate it when people say "what". Why can't people say, excuse me, I'm sorry, pardon, could you repeat yourself, run that by me again. Say ANYTHING but WHAT! This all stems back to when I used to work in food (p.s. one of my most favorite jobs ever) and while working the drive through you would try to be so polite and someone would constantly be yelling back WHAT after everything you said. The word scarred me for life.

3. I HATE gum!!! I can't stand seeing it anywhere. The street, a table, someone's mouth, eeeehhh. It is sooooo gross!!! I used to think my friend had the meanest mom cause she didn't let her chew gum, and I was glad I had a nice mom. Well, my poor kids got the mean mom, cause I rather give them a hundred dollar bill then a piece of nasty gum.

p.s. the worst is when someone takes it out and saves it on their glass or plate while eating, then goes back to chewing it later ahhhhhhhhhhhhh shoot me.

4. I love to rub material between my fingers, but it has to be the right texture, crisp but not to crisp.

5. I love the smell of gasoline. Not stick your nose right in it, but a faint gasoline smell

6. I could list one more thing about myself, but it will involve me being grossed out by a bathroom, or germs, or scared of some fatal sickness, so I'm going to break the "tag rules", and only list 5.

Thanks for the tag Kim and Megan. Now I tag anyone named Ethen, or Ava. That should cover thousands of bloggers.


Jennifer B said...

You are too funny, & I did learn new things about you. =)

Erin said...

So funny! I also always flush the toilet with my foot. I thought I was the only one! I'm glad I'm in good company. :D I also am freaked out by germs and altough I don't mind gum I do hate when people put it on something to save for later. Come on, it's like $0.05 a piece, I'll give ya the money if your that hard up!

Jamie said...

Hi Michelle- (my husband hates gum too-I never chew it anymore-probably because it makes him sick) Your blog looks so cute-love your header. So I used an already template for the frame. I'll email you the link! Your twins are darling Michelle!