Thursday, September 25, 2008

Celebrity Look A Like

I downloaded my picture into the celebrity look-a-like meter, and Kristin Bell popped up as #1. To get a real good idea of who you really look like, you are supposed to put several different pictures of your face into the meter, and see how many celebrity duplicates you get. I put in four different pictures of myself, and Kristin Bell came up every time. I think the meter is broken, I'm just not seeing the resemblance.


Shaul Family said...

That's cute. I'll have to try it sometime. How are you guys? Did you still wanna do sushi Saturday? Also, when do you want to do our pictures? Did you say it needed to be before 9 am on a saturday?>

Shaul Family said...

OK possible conflict for sushi. Can you guys go tomorrow night instead? Let us know.

Mindy said...

Um, I don't see it so much in the face, but you do have similiar hair.