Monday, September 8, 2008

$1400 Weekend

No, we didn't go on a vacation, or buy anything fun. The weekend started out by Daddy and Easton going to Mc D's.

Then on Sunday, we went to a bday party for Dr. Muir (a spine surgeon that Nick does a lot of work with) at his house, and a going away party for Kelsey (Nick's awesome little employee that is moving away).
The kids swam and had a great time till about 5 pm when Easton started acting really tired and limp. I noticed he felt really hot, and had a fever, so we left.
Upon arriving home, we walked in the door and it felt like we had entered a sauna. I looked at the thermostat, and it was 88 degrees, with the air running. After Nick messed around with it for a minute, we realized our AC had gone out. Two hours later, our house was 90 degrees, the temp outside was STILL 90 degrees (this is at 11 pm, you gotta love Las Vegas) and Easton had woken up crying. I could tell he was still very hot, and felt hotter then before. This was after I had given him tylenol, and he had taken a cool bath, if you could call it cool. The house was so hot that I ran the cool water for 20 minutes, and it was still coming out warm. No cool water in sight. Anyway, took his temp again, and it has risen from 102 to 104.5. I started to get nervous and went and started another bath. Next I tried giving Easton motrin and a cool drink, then daddy sat outside with him till after midnight. At that point his temp went back down to 102, so I put him back to bed with cold gel packs.

Well, to make a long story short, a guy came and looked at the air conditioner and said it was going to cost $1400 to fix it. This really sucks on account that we built this home only 2 years ago, and we are moving in four weeks, and fall is also arriving. I would have rather this happened in May then now. Anyway, we had no choice but to pay the money to get our air back on, so now we are $1400 poorer, and we even paid our tithing yesterday! Whats up with that???


shaultnt said...

That totally sucks. I'm sorry. Just FYI, there is an AC guy in our ward. He fixed ours last time for free with us donating some $$ to his sons mission fund. How's Easton today? Is his fever gone? What are you guys's plans this weekend?

Elle said...

Oh great, now we find all these things out. By the looks of the guy who fixed the AC, I think we donated to more of a drug fund, then a mission fund. Would it be to harsh to say I think we got.....well.....screwed!

Jenny o said...

That totally sucks!
We will definitely have to get together when you move back!!!

Mindy said...

That's a crappy way to spend
$1400. I'm still worried about E-man, did he get feeling better today?

Heidi said...

our a/c "went out" twice - and luckily we had an honest guy - told us to run in w/ just the fan for a few hours - then bring it down in 2 degree increments - THANKFULLY it was just "frozen" and needed to thaw out a bit! Poor baby - poor AC BILL! Hope he's feeling better!

Shark said...

Love the pictures! Easton's teeth look so cute, also love his curls. Hope he is feeling better. How's the air working?

Erin said...

I guess all good things must come to an end. Your weekend started great and ended crappy. I'm so sorry. I hope Easton is feeling better - at least it wasn't a hospital bill I guess. Hope you are nice and cool.