Saturday, July 26, 2008

What you all have been waiting for

This post is especially for my friend Tasey, she went to high school with Nick, and only lives a couple of miles from us. She wasn't able to make it to the reunion. Ya, Nick went to high school with about 50 people, and has run into about 10 of them here in Vegas. I graduated high school with like 800 people, haven't run into one of them here in Vegas. Anyway, this was the 10 year class reunion. Sorry the pic's aren't super great, but I didn't have my camera that night, so these were emailed to me by one of Nick's friends who's not a real photographer. Just kidding I think we just needed them in a higher res. Anyway, the reunion was fun. I kept thinking that I couldn't believe it was our 10 year class reunions, and that everyone looked so old. Except for you Paul, Megan, Brent Deanna, and anyone else that may be reading this blog. Then I remembered. I was a year older, my ten year reunion was last year. Guess my class didn't have a reunion, or didn't get invited (I was kind of a nerd). I felt like Nick's reunion was kind of like a ward party or something. Everyone knew everyone, and everyone already knew what was up with everyone else. I had about 10 people I didn't even know come up to me, and ask me how my twins were. Here are the pics!
Our friends Paul & Megan, Me & Nick, Friends Brent & Deanna.

P.S. I know what your thinking-Nick and Michelle are sure a short couple. No, Nick is 6 foot 3, and I am 5 foot 9. But our friends Paul and Megan are just tall beautiful people.

The guy grabbing his teets, is Nick (hasn't matured a whole lot since high school).

Group Shot!!!

The two girls Nick made out with in high school. Just kidding, the two girls that put the reunion together.


pamo said...

you couldn't pay me to go to my highschool reunion.

glad to see nick hasn't changed.

Elle said...


A Million dollars wouldn't have been worth it to go my reunion either. I thought you were an officer. Shouldn't you have been planning your reunion.

Erin said...

Hi Michelle! I linked to you from Jill's blog. Since I have been blog stalking you I figured I ought to let you know. I absolutely love your scrapbook pages and have been using them as some inspiration for my own so please don't go private!

You look so awesome. And you were totally NOT a nerd in high school! Maybe I was a nerd too so that's why I don't think you were a nerd.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I have been watching you and I hope you don't mind. If it's O.K. I'd like to add you to my fav's since I spend so much time on your site looking at your pages!

By the way, we did have a 10 year reunion and I didn't go but my sis-in-law Julie Strong did and it sounded pretty lame. They did a horrible job at getting the word out. I hear it was just like high school! Everyone sat in their little groups and ate pulled pork sandwhiches in the cafeteria. Bet your sad you missed out!

By the way, I am one of the stupid people with a private blog but if you want to visit I'd be more than happy to add you. My e-mail is Send me your e-mail address and I will add you if you want.

Erin (Brophy) Smith

Mindy said...

This isn't what I've been waiting for, but it does sound like going to a small high school could be fun.

Pettin'Tales said...

I had my 10 year this year and it rocked! I think Jim even enjoyed himself a wee bit. As a spouse did you have fun Michelle? Did you win the hottest spouse award? You should have!

shaultnt said...

Thanks for posting pictures. It's crazy to see how people have changed. Wow. Paul and Megan are way tall. Sorry for not calling you for sushi, totally slipped my mind. Wanna go this week for sushi? Or are you leaving? Let me know.