Wednesday, July 2, 2008

5 Facts about me

1. I will only sit on toilets in two places. One is my house, the other is my parents house. No, I will not sit on a toilet at a hotel, at my grandma's, or any other place. I am starting to warm up to the idea of my in-laws toilet ( I may add that they are EXTREMELY immaculate people), I am just weird. It just means that I am very close to you if I'll sit on your toilet.

2. I have probably been asked where my accent was from at least a thousand times, and I always make something up. I have been told I had a Southern accent, British Accent, Australian accent, African Accent, Mid West, East, you name it. I think the only thing I haven't gotten was Oriental. But I'm totally serious, I have gotten all the others. I just think I talk like a man.

3. I HATE forwarded long stupid boring emails. I don't care about them unless they are funny, short, or something very clever. I don't want an email wishing me happy women's day, or a story about a boy who wished upon a star and his dreams came true. I don't want to find out I will have bad luck if I don't forward the email on to ten people in ten minutes. I don't want to find out Bill Gates is sharing his fortune.

4. I am a very deep thinker, almost to the point I can about drive myself insane. I think of every possible scenario in everything I do. I analyize movies and pick out every reason why the movie is very unrealistic, and why those things could never happen. I ask my husband hundreds of questions during a movie, and it drives him crazy. I try to figure out who made god. I'm not ok thinking there is no beginning or no ending. There has to be a beginning somewhere.

5. I am very grateful for anything given to me by someone else. I make sure I let the person know I am using or wearing what they gave me. I always write them a note to tell them thank you, (it's the very least I could do) and I try to remember to thank them in person as well. I will find the good in anything given to me, even if it's the ugliest thing ever, I will use it, and find good in it, because it was from someone who cared about me.

I tag anyone named BeArdker.


Jessie said...

Okay, I can totally see avoiding the local Chevron's toilet, but what in the heck is wrong with your friend's and family's toilets? No wonder you are so stinkin' skinny...that is a LOT of squatting in your lifetime!

pamo said...

you'll never sit on my toilet and it's because liam pee's all over it. oh well.

ps. legrand called me tonight and says he wants to have a "play date" with you when you move to utah.

Mindy said...

Yeah, I think I knew all of these things about you. Good thing I didn't send you my last forward. It was a seven minute story about a little baby that fought for its life to live, very sad. Sad enough that I would have been fine not recieving the forward myself.

Mindy said...

P.S. Have you discovered the glitch in these FEEDJIT things?