Sunday, March 16, 2008

Utah or UNLV-what's worse?

This weekend Nick's dad and brother along with my little brother, came down to Las Vegas for the Mt. West championship games. They had a great time golfing, shopping,eating, and watching basketball. We took Easton and Miyah to the BYU vs. UNLV game. Miyah loved it, she yelled and clapped. Easton was very upset with all the noise and would cry when the crowed cheered. It's good the babies got to go to the game now, cause I don't think they'll be going again till they are much older. The UNLV fans had some of the worst foul language around, and most of them were drinking and acting pretty out of control. It was a bit scary to drive home knowing the drunken idiots you sat by at the game were now on the road with you. I also hope Miyah doesn't take any fashion tips from the girls at the game. We'll just say there was a lot of cottage cheese on display. Whatever happened to yelling "boo" when the ref made a bad call? I guess the UNLV way of saying boo is to yell Bull Sh*t as loud as you can. It was quite impressive how they all could yell bull sh*t on Q, at just the right time. Even more impressive is how the crowd could chant F*** BYU. We like UNLV's basketball team, but I don't think we like them enough to want to subject ourselves to that again.
For some spiritual rejuvination, we came home and played RIGHTEOUS! I have never played the full game, and I have to say it was really quite fun. I used to think the game was really hard, but not when your playing with papa Luekenga. The game is pretty easy, and it's easy to win if he is on your team.


kimbo said...

Wow! I'm sad to hear about the game. We've always LOVED going to the Rebel games... sounds like the fans have gotten worse. Or maybe you were just sitting in the wrong spot? (The BYU fans can be pretty annoying too, but just not as vulgar).

pamo said...

your post reaffirms why i'm not crazy about sports.

shaultnt said...

Go rebels! I don't support the language you saw, but I love them!!! And even better was to watch them beat BYU.