Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trip to Az

We took a short trip to AZ last week with our friends the Petersen's. We had a good time. Nick, Easton, and Jeremy went to a Cubs game one day, while Kelsey, Myself, Miriam, Erin, and the kids went to the Zoo. Miyah just sat back and soaked in the sun the whole time. She seemed to like all of the people at the zoo, but I don't think she really got a good look at the animals. I hadn't been back to Az since we moved, and I really wanted to go back and see the changes as well as visit some friends. Turns out all our friends were sick, and our babies had just gotten better and I was getting sleep again, so we are going to have to plan on going out and visiting again later. We did get to hang out with our good friends the Andrus's, so that was great. It was nice to go back to where Nick and I began our life. I loved our time spent in AZ, but am very glad to live here in Las Vegas now.


Shark said...

Looks like fun. Sorry the friends were sick and you didn't get to do every thing you wanted. Glad you're home safe!

pamo said...

your mom told me a little about the trip! we're glad you're in vegas too, much closer!