Thursday, February 7, 2008

Terrible/Sleepless/Sad 3 Days

This is the first time I have had a REAL sick child other than the NICU, and nothing compares to how sick Miyah was there. But Easton, poor Easton has had a terrible time breathing with a sinus infection as well as some kind of bronchitis type thing. His breathing sounds horrible. I have to nebulize him 5 times a day with steroids and albuteral. He is also on a liquid steroid twice a day, nasal decongestant 4 times a day, zantac, singulair, penicillin, and nasonex. The poor little guy just doesn't look good. The worst part is that he can't sleep. He started screaming at 9 pm last night, and didn't stop till 9 this morning. Needless to say Nick and I are walking zombies at this point because this is the fourth sleepless night in a row. Last night I put Easton on the dryer and that worked for 15 minutes. Next I tried holding and rocking him, that didn't work at all. So then I drove him around town at 3 am only to hear him scream bloody murder in the car. At that point I told Nick I was considering taking him to the emergency room, but we tried one last thing and put him in as warm as a bath as he could handle, that made him happy for a little bit, and gave us a chance to rule out the E.R. Today he has slept a lot, so we may be in for another long night, but I figure there's nothing better to do when your sick than sleep. I've said it before,and I'll say it again. We are happy with our two children, and we don't want anymore. Miyah is not sick-yet.


Anonymous said...

When Zach wouldn't calm down, I would stand next to running water. He stopped screaming nearly immediately. I have also heard turning the shower on as hot as it goes and standing in the bathroom with the door closed helps their little noses. So sorry he is sick and you are not getting sleep. Those are HARD days! Wish I was there to help.

pamo said...

i'm sorry, this is just the worst! being tired and trying to be a good mom is the hardest thing. good luck.

Jennifer B said...

So sorry you are going through this. Sick kids suck!! Somehow you get through it (though sometimes I wondered it I would). Just try and sleep when the kids do. That seems like the only way I was able to function. Hopefully he get much better soon.

Heidi said...

Its the WORST when babies can't breathe! Two things I would suggest - if you can change out the albuterol for Xopenex - DO IT! Albuteral has a "side effect" that can make you shakey and uncomfortable - Xopenex is the EXACT drug, but somehow w/out the side-effect, it's slightly more expensive, but that could be something setting off his aggitation!

SECONDLY - there's an OTC thing made by VICKS - called SHOWER SOOTHERS - get in the shower with him - drop a SHOWER SOOTHER on the floor of the shower - it evaporates into menthol, etc - and magically pulls snot out of your head! It takes about 20 minutes to dissolve, I'd do that just before you put him down - so at least he gets a few hours of fresh nose air!

I hope he feels better SOON! And I hope you guys get some sleep!!!