Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our 2007 Christmas Cards and Letter

In a year when the days felt like weeks, and every week was counted carefully, we found ourselves in the middle of all these numbers. 1 blood clot, 2 fetuses, 3 E.R. runs, 4 months of extreme nausea, and the numbers only get larger. 32 ultrasounds, 47 doctors visits, leading to 15 weeks of bed rest, Oh we've just started, 1 week of magnesium hell, 1 placental abruption, 1 emergency c-section, 2 weeks in the maternity ward and now things are getting crazy. 1 heart murmur, 1 meconium-illeus, 1 cystic fibrosis scare, 1 kidney failure and brush with death and 1 special blessing. 2 surgeries, 2 ventilators, 2 brain hemorrhages, 3 hernias, 22 doctors, and this was all in the first 2 weeks of a 9 week Neonatal Intensive Care stay. 20 thousand tears shed, 50 thousand prayers offered, and 2 happy, healthy beautiful miracles. All of these add up to the most incredible year of our lives.
Thank you for going thorugh this with us. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for staying faithful and giving the Lord more than enough reasons to bless this small family. We could not have gone through all of this without you, and because of your incredible love, we didn't have to.

Miyah is over 12 lbs, stands with help, and LOVES to show off.
Easton is over 17 lbs, laughs uncontrollably, and is our little peacemaker.
Michelle is over 100 lbs, adores her children, and gives herself to them daily.
Nick is over 200 lbs, world class diaper changer, and gourmet bottle maker.

We've had a great year! We're looking forward to 2008 and watching our little babies grow into kids.

With Love,

Nick, Michelle, and the littlest L's


Anonymous said...

SUCH a cute letter. You guys are amazing!

Shark said...

I'm glad you put a copy on your blog, I don't think we ended up with one. It has certainly been a year we will never forget. We are so blessed to have those sweet healthy babies with us now!!

pamo said...

we are so happy for you guys and the blessing you have. i would like to add that i think michelle is only barely above 100 pounds.

shaultnt said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Those babies are getting big. I'm so glad this year ended with such blessings for you guys. We love ya all.