Monday, November 5, 2007

RSV Shot

Today my precious babies got their RSV shots. They both screamed their little eyes out. I felt so bad, and then Miyah never did calm down. The whole day Miyah cried and was irritable. Easton had to get two shots because he is so fat. Nick and I wanted to cry. Here is some info about RSV shots I thought was interesting.

1. Children who qualify to have the shot are preemies, and children with breathing problems-this includes asthma.

2. The shot is not a "vaccination", so it caries no side effects.

3. The body starts to rid the shot after awhile, so the babies have to get them once a month.

4. The babies will get the shot every month till their one-Crazy!

5. Upon receiving the shot, the babies only have about a 1% chance of getting rsv.

6. RSV lives on a surface for 12 hours

7. RSV generally doesn't travel through the air, it is contracted when someone touches a baby with infected hands, so if everyone were to always wash or sanitize their hands before touching the babies, they couldn't get it.

8. Each shot costs $1,500

This was all great news to me. Well, except for the last part.


pamo said...

this is so strange, i have never heard of this shot.

Jessie said...

$3,000 a month for a year?....i sure hope insurance pays for that!

Shark said...

So sorry they were so sad about their shots. It's nice not to have to worry about RSV, however. Is that more of a concern than them catching the flu?

shaultnt said...

Wow! That's a lot of money for the shot, but well worth it. Jayden had RSV when he was 2 days old. It isn't fun. I'm glad they got their shot.

Mindy said...

How bad is RSV? And are you sure that you are going to be able to watch them get more shots after today? Poor little things.

Anonymous said...

Babies are looking beautiful my friend! Oh and check out who has her own blog now! Although i am really sad I dont have any cute pictures with you AND I in them. Keep in touch lady as you never know when I might just drop back into town! Chloe xx

Elle said...

Yes, fortunatly insurance is paying. The bad thing is that these babies are about to meet their lifetime max. We are up past a million.