Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lets Recap the Week

Whats worse than a sick baby?????

Two sick babies. This past week we went out of town for Thanksgiving. I had a feeling things may be a little rough when Easton started acting a bit sick the night before we left. His nose was running, and he was rubbing at his face. Turns out, we were right, Easton was indeed sick for the first time in his life. I felt HORRIBLE. I had done so well protecting my twins, and then I got a little relaxed, and sure enough germs were spread. I guess it had to happen sometime. Of course Easton couldn't be sick without Miyah then getting it too, so that came a few days later. We spent the first two days in Richfield with Nicks parents. We celebrated Thanksgiving there, and it was great!!! Only a few people there- just the way I like it! Of Course grandma Polly makes sure the babies have the most adorable Christmas outfits to wear, so we dressed them in those on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving afternoon, we traveled to Orem to meet up with the Beach family, then on to Kaysville. That night we took our annual family Christmas picture. We dressed as though we were Republicans. I guess this is what they look like.

Last- Saturday was the hugely anticipated game of the YEAR!!!! The BYU Cougars took on the utes. Better known as the *@#%*'s on the mountain. Once again the Cougars were victorious, and I couldn't be happier! What a great day it is, to see Lavell Edwards Stadium filled with screaming BYU fans, because the Utes have just gone down.


Shark said...

Great Pictures! I'm glad the babies are feeling better. It so sad to have little ones sick. I'm glad mom and dad are feeling better also. Hopefully everyone will stay well for Christmas.

Heidi said...

Well, you know if BSU & BYU get to Vegas it'll be a fun game to watch!

Love the pictures of your cute family!

Glad the babies are feeling better! It's terrible when they can't take turns being sick!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady!

Am loving the republican picture! Whoever that is at the front on the right deserves a medal - most excellent!

Send me your email while you are at it: is mine.

Give those babies a kiss for me. xx

Mindy said...

hmm...I thought you were a republican?
I want to see more pictures of those babies in those cute outfits.

Elle said...

I don't think I can really claim an affiliation at this time.

Heidi-I agree, it would be great if BSU played BYU. That may be worth staying in Las Vegas for Christmas.