Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Diaper babies

Today the babies had an appointment with their GI doctor. Since Nick has an account in the same building as the babies doctor, we all went as a family. Before leaving the house I grabbed bottles for both the babies, and four diapers. I completely forgot about burp cloths, and possibly an extra set of clothes. Turns out this was not good, while at the docs offfice, both babies spit up all over themselves and soaked their shirts. Then Miyah had the biggest diaper blow out I had ever seen her do. Nick changed her diaper and he went through two diapers just to get her changed. I guess Easton felt left out, so he then blew out his diaper as well and also went through two diapers. At that point we were out of diapers, had no clean clothes, and had two screaming babies. Thank goodness the doc's office had an extra diaper, however it was a diaper the size of an untrained five year old. Anyway we had to make it work. So the first picture is what the babies looked like before their doctors appointment, and the second picture is what they looked like upon returning home.


Minks said...

Poor little stinkers, Miyah sure looks cute in her headband.

pamo said...

ya....i've been stuck many a time somewhere without something i desperately need. those are sure expensive kids!