Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beef Boy

Beef boy woke up at 4:00 am to eat and will not go back to sleep, so what better thing for me to do than blog???? Yesterday at the docs office, beef was 11 pounds. That is a 1 pound weight gain in just one week!!!! Beef eat's a TON and it costs us a fortune. His formula is $26 for a small can. This can lasts beef three days since he eats so much. We also go through a bag of diapers a day with both babies. Last month we spent a thousand dollars on food and diapers for these babies. I call beef my little swedish boy since his hair looks kinda red, he has big blue eyes, and fair skin. Where did this baby come from? All though beef is beefy, he still looks small in mommy and daddies bed.


Minks said...

I sure miss Beef Boy, he looks so cute tucked in a big bed. Did Miyah take the last picture of you two kissing beef boy? She sure is talented at a young age!

pamo said...

this post is so funny and so cute. are we calling him 'beef' now? i love it.

pamo said...

beef. i mean, Beef!! i love it. it's so cute. i can't stop laughing about it.