Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Babies First Vacation

We decided to try out a little mini vacation with Miyah and Easton. We took the babies to Richfield. They did great. We only had to make one stop traveling there and on the way home. It was nice for mom and dad to have some help. Grandma Polly always gives us a nice break, plus many other hands were there to help. The food was delicious, and of course we gainded weight!

Miyah kicked papa Rich out of his king sized bed one morning.
Then asked to have her breakfast served on a silver platter

For dinner one night, the main course was a piggy in a blanket

The babies both got baths in grandma Polly's sink

The babies met their great grandma Collyer


pamo said...

how cute! i am glad you were able to get some help.

Minks said...

cute pics, sure love those little babies!

Shark said...

I'm glad the babies did so well! It's always fun to get away. The babies are sure growing and getting even cuter, if that's possible.