Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Graduates (Easton)

The babies have now moved to Level II NICU which we are excited about. The babies are also wearing clothes, and Easton is in a crib. Now if the babies don't have any set backs, they will stay in level II and their next move will be home, but that move will still be awhile, they have a lot of progress to make, but they are doing well.


Shark said...

Easton looks good also. They both have such nice coloring. Easton likes to pull more faces than Miyah or does he just yawn a lot? They both are so cute and will be such good friends after all they have gone through together. I sure miss those sweet little ones and can't wait to see and hold them again.

pamo said...

i love these pictures.

Minks said...

He looks good, I like his funny faces he pulls. Do they enjoy being held?