Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Computer

Well I got my new Apple, and I love the way it looks, it is so cute! However, in this stage of the game, I HATE the way it works. It is going to take some getting used too. I am really missing the "right click of a P.C. right now, as well as the X out button. This computer is really hard to type on right now, and I think I'm going to buy a mouse to hook into it. Im not used to the touch pad. On our P.C. laptop, it is really easy to use the touch pad, it is much like having a mouse. Anyway, this computer is still my pride and joy right now.
This is a very fuzzy picture of baby Miyah. It is a picture of her hand up by her face. She is just a tiny baby, and really needs to do a lot more growing. Easton is a little bigger, but neither one of them are quite where they should be, so I'm really hoping they put on some wait over the next couple of weeks.


Minks said...

Sweet little Miyah, although I can't make out the picture. I'm no good at figuring out those ultra sound pics!

pamo said...

ya i can never make these out either, but i still always get excited when i see one. they'll be fine meeshee.