Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let the third trimester begin!!!

No new pictures this week, but a couple of funny stories and things to be happy about. First, I made it through the second trimester, and am in my final phase of pregnancy which I'm excited about. Second, Nick and I went to a really nice and overpriced steak restaurant last night. A steak was eighty dollars, and then you had to order all of the sides separate. It was pretty much a rip off in my opinion, but we didn't have to pay for it, that is why we went. After dinner, we went to the show; "Ka", it was our least favorite of all the Circ Soliel shows. In case any of you are planning a Vegas show, the best is Mystere, next, would be O and LeReve. A show you definitely do not want to waste money on would be, Blue Man Group. An awesome inexpensive show is,"V". We have now seen all the major shows except for Celine. I don't know if we will see that one or not. If you want to see a naked sexy vampire show, go see "Bite", oh it is just wonderful, and the girls are gorgeous. We really enjoyed that one.

Funny story of the week:
Nick gets pulled over for everything. A couple of days ago, he got pulled over for drinking a diet Dr. Pepper in his car. I was with him, and he really wasn't doing anything else wrong. That is really the only reason he got pulled over.


Jessie said...

Since when is drinking a soda in the car a crime? NEVER heard of such a thing! Did he get a ticket? Or, is this a joke?

Congrats on the 3rd trimester!

Elle said...

The cop said it looked like a can of beer, you would think in Las Vegas, there would be a shooting or murder that would interest a cop more. Apparently not, and no because it was a Dr. Pepper, no ticket was given. This type of thing only happens to Nick.