Monday, April 23, 2007

A few more shower pics

The two girls to my right are Megan and Ashley, they are the two that threw the shower, it was at Ashley's house.
These are a couple of baby pacifier clips made by Jennifer. They had the babies names on them, and they were really cute. As you can tell, Ashley is always the life of the party, and a total spaz.
This was one of my favorite gifts. Ashley and Kim gave me the cutest crate with hats and booties, and blankets and burp clothes. They are really cute, the picture doesn't do them justice.
This is a baby sling from my friend Holly. I loved the colors and print on the material.

These are my friends Tashina, and Amy, they both had two other showers to attend that day, so I was glad they made it to mine!


pamo said...

wow! i'm glad you're having so many showers - you're going to need all this stuff. are you getting the room ready?

Minks said...

I can't wait to come visit the babies and see all their stuff this summer! I am coming I hope you know.