Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our Company

Well we have had company every weekend this month, and it has been great. This lady is the first lady that came and stayed with us. Just kidding, Brad came and stayed with us over his spring break a couple of weeks ago. One night we all went to a sushi restaurant, and Nick of course needed a picture with the server.
Now, this is hilarious. While mom and dad were here this weekend, mom had a tooth that was bothering her. It is the tooth she is going to be getting an implant in soon. Well, several chunks kept breaking off the whole time she was here, but the whole tooth never came out. The root was still there, and she had a sharp, loose, chunk still stuck in there and it was driving her crazy. Finally on Saturday night, she asked dad if he would go in and pull it out. Of course he said NO. No one was surprised at his refusal cause we all know how dad said he has never in his life wanted to be a doctor or dentist......too gross. Well, the next thing I know, he is asking me if we have any surgical gloves, which come by the case load at our house. I gave him some gloves, then we all hear him running some tweezers in some hot water, apparently he was preparing for a tooth extraction. A few minutes later, he had extracted another large chunk of moms tooth.
This is mom after her dental procedure. Her gum of course bled a bit. In relief, she holds up the tweezers with her tooth. She later lost her tooth, while examing it, to my dismay, the tooth is somewhere in my house.
This is Nick with our friend Eric, he loves sushi too. Look wise, he and Nick are two peas in a pod!!!

Well, as I said before, all our company was great. It has been fun to have family and friends here. Now everyone is gone, we will have to look forward to seeing everyone again in a couple of months.

Brad job shadowed Nick, and they also golfed twice. This is Brad and I at Yama Sushi.

Now about me. Yes I am extremely fat. I weigh over and 150 pounds now. I knew my belly was big, but had no idea my face, arms, and chest were so large. I was always what I considered to be the only cute, thin, hot chic left from high school. While everyone else my age was getting fat, old, and ugly, I was staying thin, young, and sexy. So I thought. I seriously cannot believe this picture is me. I look horrible, and this believe it or not is a good day. I usually have no makeup on, and am wearing PJs. I don't know how my husband still loves me. At first, my biggest fear was death during childbirth, now my biggest fear is looking like this for the rest of my life.


Mindy said...

Dad's tooth extraction is hilarious! Did mom approve of you putting those pictures on your blog?
I think you look cute in the picture. However, I am a little excited to finally say that I'm the skinny sister (Well, at least out of the two original Beach sisters!)

pamo said...

now you just look like me so i don't feel bad for you! just kidding, you look great. you'll put on less weight with two than i did with one. a tooth floating around the house would really freak bryan out.