Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hump day!!!

Today is officially my bump hump day. 20 weeks today. I wish I could say it had gone by fast, but unfortunatly because of the bedrest that started six weeks ago, it has gone by slow. Because I am having twins, my hump day was actually a couple of weeks ago, but today is the "official" hump day for a normal 40 week pregnancy. This picture was taken almost two weeks ago, so I'm a little bigger than this now. You can sure see the fat I've put on in the face.

Would anyone like to buy a 2007 barely used Camry??? The for sale signs and paper sure have not worked, but I'm positive posting it on my blog will surely sell it. It is a great car. If you were to purchase this car, we would throw in a house in Surprise Arizona with your purchase. All you would have to do is take over payments, and right now it's a sizzl'n hot market. You won't loose on this one. Please let me know if your interested!!!! *Remember - you snooze, you loose

This is where my husband loves to spend his time. Unfortunatly the door is covering his wee-wee, or this would be a much more exciting picture.

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pamo said...

I could do without the pictures of old husband on the toilet, but, since it is you posting it, it is funny. You are a cute pregnant person.