Sunday, February 18, 2007

New and improved blog

Good news everyone, my blog is back and better than before. No longer will anyone be left with an uncomfortable feeling after reading my blog. Instead you will all feel "enlightened", and probably somewhat full of the spirit at times. A few nice things happened this week, and they don't have anything to do with digestion, urination, or "unfavorable websites". Instead they all have quite uplifting stories behind them. The first wonderful event this week was that mother came to stay with me while my husband was gone on business. We had a lovely time. Our time consisted of tying string with a hook around burp cloths and blankets, not knitting, but the other one. We also went to a restaurant called "Maize", this was you know who's idea, and of course the dinner was a real steal. A small piece of frozen Costco salmon was only $22!!! No potato or salad included, just the fish. Wow, with prices that cheap there is no need to ever cook at home anymore. My special husband also ordered his patio furniture online, and is quite excited, and I'm quite excited not hear him talk about it anymore. He also bought two layout chairs and we have already spent hours sitting on them in this nice seventy degree weather. Both my husband and I have rapidly growing stomachs now. One of us is definitely pregnant with twins however, it is hard to figure out which one of us that is. Watch for anonymous stomach pictures and a fun guessing game coming up soon!!!

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pamo said...

I love it, it looks great, and I have a very "special" feeling after reading your blog, I can't wait to read and see more!